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handmade clay flowers

Thank you for visiting The Glam Bijoux, our enchanting world of handmade clay flowers! Here, we craft exquisite pieces designed to elevate your style for every occasion. Our passion lies in crafting unique gifts that captivate and resonate with you, allowing you to feel the unwavering love of the person giving it. Explore our creations to surprise your special someone with a token of heartfelt affection.

The Glam Bijoux, based in the charming town of Cheltenham, England, is a small home-based business dedicated to designing and crafting unique pieces. From gifts to decor hire for weddings and special events, each item is meticulously handmade with passion, adding a touch of glamour to table styling. Every creation features intricately crafted handmade clay flowers, carefully painted to ensure a lifelike appearance.

clay bouquet

Clay Bouquet Collections

With our Clay Flower, you can capture the essence of your memories and cherish them for generations to come. Whether it’s a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or any other milestone, our Clay Flower Photo Holders will add a touch of sophistication and charm to your stunning celebrations.

necklace collection

Necklace Collection

Searching for a gift that expresses thoughtfulness and admiration for nature’s beauty? At The Glam Bijoux, we celebrate the art of handcrafting and the significance of meaningful gifts. We crafted each necklace with love and care, ensuring that every detail reflects the regal elegance. 

handmade clay flowers

About US

Silvina is the founder, maker and designer behind The Glam Bijoux. The Glam Bijoux specialize in designing and creating unique pieces with clay flowers, meticulously tending to every detail, texture, and colour to ensure they appear as lifelike as possible… Continue Reading…

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