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Handmade in the UK with love and soul.
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Embark on a journey into the world of The Glam Bijoux, where every creation tells a story. Dive into a world of exquisite handmade clay flowers crafted with authentic Japanese clay, each petal meticulously sculpted to perfection. Our flowers aren’t just decorations; they’re carriers of secret messages, inspired by the age-old art of floriography.

clay oriental peony stand bouquet

Anniversary Flower Collection

wedding favours

Wedding Favour Collection

Clay Peony Stand Bouquet

A peony expresses feelings of romance, prosperity, honor, and compassion.

Clay Phalaenopsis Orchid Stand Bouquet

A Phalaenopsis orchid symbolizes elegance, grace, beauty, and admiration.

Clay Dalhia Stand Bouquet

A dahlia expresses sentiments of inner strength, dignity, elegance, and everlasting bond.

Clay Dendrobium Orchid Stand Bouquet

Dendrobium orchids symbolize strength, resilience, endurance, and eternal love.

clay tea rose bouquet

Clay Tea Rose Stand Bouquet

Tea roses express sentiments of grace, elegance, admiration, and appreciation.

clay oriental peony bouquet

Clay Oriental Peony Stand Bouquet

An oriental peony symbolizes prosperity, honor, romance, and compassion.

Clay Succulent Stand Bouquet

A succulent symbolizes endurance, resilience, and timeless beauty.

Clay Poppy Stand Bouquet

A red poppy typically symbolizes remembrance, honor, sacrifice, and deep love.