Clay Dalhia Bouquet


The Meaning Behind Gifting a Clay Dahlia Stand Bouquet

The act of gifting a dahlia holds profound significance, transcending mere gesture to convey deep emotions and sentiments. This exquisite flower, with its intricate layers and vibrant hues, symbolizes an array of emotions, making it a thoughtful and meaningful gift for various occasions.

When you present someone with a dahlia, you’re offering more than just a flower; you’re offering a token of admiration, grace, and inner strength. The dahlia’s graceful demeanor embodies elegance and dignity, making it an ideal gift for expressing appreciation, gratitude, and admiration for someone special in your life.

Handmade to order, and the current lead time until dispatch for all orders is 1-4 weeks.



Each dahlia measures 30cm in height by 15cm in width and comes with a holder for attaching a personalized card. Carefully packaged in its branded bag, each dahlia is made to order exclusively.

I handcrafted each dalhia with Japanese clay and hand-painted to perfection. Nestled within a hand-painted glass base for stability and added glamour, every dahlia is a masterpiece in itself.

Each dahlia is carefully wrapped in tissue paper and placed inside my branded bag, adding glamour to each piece.