Clay Dendrobium Orchid Bouquet


Behold this exquisite bouquet of Dendrobium orchids, featuring 8 resplendent purple blooms, each delicately handcrafted with Japanese clay. I meticulously attend to every detail, ensuring these flowers exude a remarkably lifelike appearance. From the intricate buds to the vibrant hues, these blooms are a testament to craftsmanship and beauty.

Every bouquet rests within a metal base featuring a holder for a personalized card, while the hand-painted glass base ensures you never need to worry about where to display your bouquet.

Handmade to order, and the current lead time until dispatch for all orders is 1-4 weeks.

The Dendrobium orchid, standing tall at 35cm with a blossom width of approximately 17cm, showcases its regal elegance. I dispatched this exquisite bouquet with meticulous care, wrapped in delicate pink tissue paper, and nestled within the embrace of my branded bag, ensuring a presentation as graceful as the orchid itself.


This clay Dendrobium orchid is not merely a representation of a flower; it encapsulates a wish for lasting beauty and harmony. Whether for a special occasion like a wedding, an anniversary, a birthday, or any moment meant for celebration, the clay Dendrobium orchid emerges as the quintessential gift. Its timeless charm, intricately detailed craftsmanship, and the symbolism of the orchid make it a truly special and cherished expression of affection. It serves as a reminder that, like the enduring beauty of the orchid, the love and connection being celebrated are equally timeless and everlasting.