Clay Poppy Bouquet


Surprise your beloved with this exquisite poppy bouquet and express the depth of your love through a specially crafted, personalised card. Handmade gifts possess a unique charm, creating a lasting impression that resonates with the romantic soul.

Every bouquet rests within a metal base featuring a holder for a personalized card, while the hand-painted glass base ensures you never need to worry about where to display your bouquet.

Handmade to order, and the current lead time until dispatch for all orders is 1-4 weeks.

The Poppy, standing tall at 35cm with a blossom width of approximately 10cm, showcases its regal elegance. I dispatched this exquisite bouquet with meticulous care, wrapped in delicate pink tissue paper, and nestled within the embrace of my branded bag, ensuring a presentation as graceful as the orchid itself.



The red clay poppy bouquet, with its vibrant hue, symbolizes both passion and remembrance. Gifting a red clay poppy is a gesture that embodies a blend of love and honoring cherished memories. Its striking beauty and rich symbolism make it the perfect gift to captivate a woman's heart. Just as the poppy stands out in a field, this thoughtful gesture stands out as a unique and meaningful way to express affection. The choice of a red clay poppy as a gift carries the weight of romantic sentiment and the timeless elegance that can truly enchant a woman.

This exquisite bouquet is handmade with Japanese clay and meticulously hand-painted, paying attention to every detail to make it look lifelike. Inspired by English gardens that abound with them during certain seasons, this creation captures the essence of nature's beauty in every petal and leaf.

The enchanting bouquet stands at a height of 30cm, carefully embraced by soft pink tissue paper. Its journey concludes as it finds its place in the embrace of my branded bag, a vessel of romance waiting to unfold.